Northern NY Congressional Race Tight

Nov 1, 2012

A new poll from the Siena Research Institute shows the Congressional race in northern New York’s new 21st Congressional District is a dead heat.

Incumbent Congressman Democrat Bill Owens is one point ahead of his Republican challenger Matt Doheny according to the Siena poll, completed on Tuesday. Siena College Research Institute Pollster Steven Greenberg says that’s despite Owens having a double digit lead in their last poll taken seven weeks ago.

SUNY Plattsburgh Political Scientist Tom Conda says the Siena poll reflects the impact of heavy advertising in the race.

The 21st District is newly drawn due to redistricting. Pollster Steven Greenberg says the poll indicates that is also affecting the numbers.

Tom Conda says there are wide variations in political viewpoints across this new district.
Doheny and Owens were unavailable for comment. The Doheny campaign released a statement saying: “...momentum is on our side...These numbers line up with our earlier polls and the shift we've seen over the past month.”  The Owens campaign statement says "We've said all along the only poll that matters is on Election Day ... Voters have responded to Bill Owens' message of bipartisanship and helping to create jobs."

A third candidate - the Green Party’s Donald Hassig received 4 percent support, down two percent from Siena’s last poll.