NRC Meeting on Vermont Yankee Disrupted

May 24, 2012

A public meeting by the NRC to discuss the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant took a bizarre turn last night as a silent protest disrupted proceedings and officials nearly stopped the meeting.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission holds annual meetings in Brattleboro to present its safety assessment of Vermont Yankee. Brattleboro Reformer reporter Josh Stilts covers Vermont Yankee for the paper.  He says the meeting started cordially, but took an odd twist as it progressed.

Shut It Down Affinity Group member Hattie Nestel was surprised by the reaction to their silent protest to the NRC.

New England Coalition member George Harvey attended last night’s meeting intending to present a prepared statement to NRC officials.  Harvey characterizes the proceedings as unique and a bit bizarre.

The Vermont Energy Partnership supports continued operation of Vermont Yankee.  Spokesman Guy Page says Vermonters allow civil discussion during contentious and emotionally charged issues.

The NRC completed the meeting after agency officials spent some time in the adjacent hallway while the public conducted a meeting without them.