NY Attorney General Finds Taxi Driver Gouged Refugees Headed To Canada

May 10, 2017

The New York State Attorney General announced a court judgment against a Plattsburgh taxi company for overcharging refugees attempting to cross the border into Canada.

The judgment found that Northern Taxi and its owner, Christopher Crowningshield,  repeatedly violated state and local laws by charging refugees as much as $300 or more for a taxi ride from Plattsburgh to Canadian border. The fare is normally $50 to $75.

Crowningshield picked up an investigator but did not tell her the fare, nor were they posted, which is required.

He was ordered to pay penalties, post rates and can charge no more than ten times the maximum fare within the city of Plattsburgh for a ride to the border, not to exceed $77.50.

Investigators also found that C & L Taxi and Town Taxi also did not post rates and were fined.