NY board keeps secret donors to pro-Cuomo lobbyist

Aug 1, 2012

The state Joint Commission on Public Ethics will keep secret the vast majority of millionaire donors who funded a lobbying group that promotes Gov. Andrew Cuomo. WAMC’s Dave Lucas reports.

The board decided Tuesday that a law passed a year ago requires revealing only donors to lobbying groups since July 1st.

The Committee to Save New York has spent more than $10 million in an unprecedented, campaign-like TV ad blitz supporting Cuomo. Now it won't have to reveal most of its contributors dating to December 2010.

The committee has helped boost Cuomo's popularity through ads touting his accomplishments.

It recently received $2 million from gambling interests as Cuomo sought to expand casino gambling.

Common Cause has said the measure gives lobbyists a "grace period" from a law that the general public doesn't get.

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