NY Budget Will Restore VLT Aid to Central New York

Mar 27, 2013

The New York State Budget has produced an agreement which would provide Oneida County, along with the Town and Village of Vernon with video lottery terminal support revenue.

Republican New York State Senator Joe Griffo of Rome and Democratic Assemblymember William Magee of Nelson say that after the expected adoption this week of the 2013-14 Budget, the Senate and Assembly will have helped secure close to a half million dollars in VLT support revenue for the Town of Vernon area and Oneida County.

In Governor Andrew Cuomo's initial 2013-14 State Budget proposal, the municipalities would’ve received about a hundred thousand dollars less.

Magee says that the final Budget agreement increases funding by 21%. A 2006 State law authorized the payment of aid to all New York municipalities that host VLTs. Since then, the Senate has been successful in staving off elimination of these payments. Senator Griffo said that the Senate is proposing a full reimbursement, which hasn't been granted since the 2008-2009 fiscal year.