NY Charter Schools Worry About Mayor-Elect's Plans

Dec 26, 2013

Rupert Ganzer/flickr

Operators of New York City's charter schools worry that changes promised by Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio could reverse 12 years of growth enjoyed under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

De Blasio pledges to charge rent to "well-resourced" charter schools and has called for a moratorium on allowing new charters to share buildings with traditional schools. That would reverse a Bloomberg policy that helped the charters grow from 17 to 183 during his time in office.

Charter school backers around the country are watching to see what happens. They consider the city an incubator for the charter school movement.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools says that the majority of charter schools nationally pay for their buildings, but that affording space in New York City is too much for many to afford.

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