NY commission proposes fuel reserve after Sandy

Jan 3, 2013

Credit Bill Tiernan / AP

A panel commissioned by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to bolster preparations for the next superstorm has recommended a state fuel reserve, citizen training, tougher building codes, generators at gas stations, and a depot of emergency provisions. WAMC’s Dave Lucas reports.

Cuomo warned cost will be a big obstacle, but he'll recommend some ideas in his State of the State address next week.

The panel took less than two months to propose recommendations that were supposed to be explored at least twice a year under a 1978 law. Several old state reports that warned of a superstorm like Sandy were also mostly ignored.

Cuomo says Thursday past governors were hamstrung by cost and their own disbelief about such severe storms.

But he says he's made strides in his two years, which included two previous major storms.

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