NY Congressman Schedules Phone Town Hall On Syria

Sep 12, 2013


A New York Congressman is holding a telephone town hall Thursday evening to hear directly from constituents on potential U.S. involvement in Syria.

Residents of the 18th congressional district are receiving invitations by telephone to participate in Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney’s conference call.  Maloney says, for him, the most important voices in the debate about U.S. involvement in Syria are the voices of Hudson Valley residents. District residents may also request an invitation to the 7 p.m. telephone town hall by calling Congressman Maloney’s Washington, D.C. office, signing up at his web site, or emailing name and phone number information. President Obama, in an address to the nation Tuesday night, said he asked Congressional leaders to postpone a vote authorizing the use of military force while attempting to pursue a diplomatic path in pushing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to give up chemical weapons.