NY Gun Control Legislation: Reactions

Jan 15, 2013

Credit wikipedia commons

New York State's response to recent mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and Webster, New York comes in the form of the toughest gun laws in the Nation.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's gun law package features many measures he presented in his State of the State address.   Budd Schroeder is Chairman of the board of directors of SCOPE - the Shooters Committee on Political Action, which has 200 affiliated gun clubs across New York State. Schroeder thinks Cuomo has overstepped his leadership position.

Democratic Assemblywoman Michelle Schimmel of Long Island -one of three co-chairs of State Legislators Against Illegal Guns - spearheaded the effort to fast-track new gun legislation. She is hoping that other states will follow New York's lead.

Saratoga County Republican Senator Kathy Marchione voted against the gun package - she fears New Yorkers' right to bear arms is being compromised.

The gun-law package imposes new reporting requirements for mental health professionals, requiring them to report when they learn that patients may endanger themselves or others. Authorities could then confiscate any firearm owned by a "dangerous" patient. 

Governor Cuomo has made it clear - quote -“People who have mental health issues should not have guns.” Budd Schroeder doesn't believe new gun regulations will impact anyone who intends to mis-use firearms.

Observers agree that New York's fast-track gun legislation is expected to become a model for other states and its successful passage by both branches of the legislature puts a feather in the cap of a Governor who is being talked about as a possible Presidential nominee in 2016.