NY Lawmakers Target Gun Control

Dec 17, 2012

Citizens are looking for answers in the wake of Friday's deadly shooting in Connecticut; police agencies are reviewing their preparedness and procedures; lawmakers are attempting to tighten already strict gun control laws in New York.

Capital Region Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

New York is often referred to as a state where it is "difficult to get a gun". The way the law is interpreted can vary from county to county.

Tom King is president of the New York Rifle and Pistol Association. He says FBI statistics show crimes committed by legal and lawful gun owners are "statistically insignificant."  Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple agrees New York's procedures are strict.    Democratic State Senator Michael Gianaris says there is more that could be done NOW to enhance gun control.

Newtown CT has come to symbolize what US Senator Chuck Schumer called a "tipping point" in a new dialog about gun-control laws. Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday issued a statement calling for a  crackdown on guns - Senator Gianaris is counting on Cuomo's support in getting new gun legislation passed in 2013.

Observers expect Gianaris and his party to put pressure on the new bi-partisan coalition running the state Senate to support a gun-control agenda.

Meantime, law enforcement is moving ahead with plans and preparations to deal with any gun situation that may arise. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple echoes the sentiments of many police agencies across the state - he say you can have all the procedures and protocols in place, but "bad people" are still out there.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, himself an advocate of gun control tells the New York Times that Seantor Gianaris' “heart seems to be in the right place,” but Bloomberg expressed doubt as to whether the proposed restrictions would reduce gun violence.