NY Lt. Gov Duffy Addresses Women's Rights Rally in Albany

Jan 14, 2013

Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy waiting to be introduced at a gathering of Women's Rights advocates at the Well in the Legislative Office building near the State Capitol in Albany.
Credit WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

New York's Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy joined other elected officials and Women’s health supporters at the Capitol to boost Governor  Cuomo’s call for passage of a Women’s Equality Act.

Family Planning Advocates of NYS President and CEO Tracey Brooks was upbeat as she greeted some 400 supporters at  FPA's signature advocacy event for the start of the 2013 legislative session.  Women in pink scarves, and men wearing pink ties, felt particularly empowered by the Governor's strong pro-gender-equality message delivered within his State of the State address - 

Lt. Governor Robert Duffy affirmed Governor Cuomo's intent to fast track the Women’s Equality Act. Duffy and several other Democratic leaders promised this legislative session will see passage of the Reproductive Health Act - The Reverend Tommy Jacob-Ziobro from Central New York hopes lawmakers will support the Governor's efforts.

Retired Skidmore College chaplain Reverend Tom Davis points out that women seeking equal rights in the Empire State have been through a "long struggle."   

Speaking to reporters after his turn at the podium, Lt. Gov. Duffy left no doubt that Governor Cuomo is blazing a trail for women and setting the stage for continued National Debate. 

Governor Cuomo has declared 2013 "the year" for women's equality.