NY Senate Dems: We have $1M on hand for campaigns

Aug 14, 2012

A rare, large campaign debt dating to 2010 is playing a big role in New York's fall elections… WAMC’s Dave Lucas has details

State Senate Democrats say Monday they're on a roll raising money, with $1 million on hand after covering about half of the previous $3 million debt.

But they'll still be paying $19,000 a month on the remaining $1.4 million balance.

The chamber's Republican majority says that shows Democrats can't handle their own finances, let along taxpayers' money.

With voters in New York expected to go reliably Democratic in the presidential race, a costly fight is still likely in the 63 Senate races that will determine control of the Senate majority.

June's campaign finance disclosures, the most recent, showed Republicans had $4.5 million on hand to the Democrats' $719,000.

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