NYC Newstands Might Sell Items Double The Price

May 14, 2013

Credit Enrique Dans, flickr

NEW YORK (AP) — The newsstands that paper New York City's sidewalks would be able to stock pricier items under a City Council proposal. The plan is to raise the decade-old limit from $5 to $10.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn and colleagues announced the measure Monday. They say it would let newsstands keep up with rising prices and sell items that are increasingly in demand, such as cell-phone chargers, headphones and camera batteries. Newsstands are an unmistakable part of the streetscape in New York City, selling publications, candy, umbrellas and other items. But the numbers have dropped over time. A newsstand owners' group says there once were nearly 1,600 of the sidewalk kiosks. There are now around 300. The price limit was raised from $2 to $5 in 2002.

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