NYS Assembly Races: Many New Faces

Nov 7, 2012

New York State's Assembly districts have been changed and re-arranged - Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas takes a look at the new round of representatives.

Assemblyman Pete Lopez
Credit Dave Lucas / WAMC

Kieran Michael Lalor is among the fresh faces bound for Albany:  the new 105th District assemblyman is hitting the ground running - ready to fight the "midnight pay raise" that state legislators want to give themselves. Lalor defeated democrat Paul F. Curran.

In the newly redrawn 101st incumbent Republican Claudia Tenney trounced Democratic challenger Daniel
Carter, in a district that stretches from southern Oneida County down to the northern tip of Orange
County, leaving her with just a tiny section of turf she represented in the old 116th.

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco defeated Democratic challenger Michele Draves. Tedisco is a veteran of the
residistricting experience -  representing the 112th district this time around, he promises he'll listen carefully to his constituents.

In the 99th Assembly race, Woodbury Town Councilman James Skoufis won the seat formerly held by
Republican Nancy Calhoun, stepping down after two decades in the Legislature. Skoufis defeated Goshen
Mayor Kyle Roddey 56 to 44 per cent,and he agrees with Tedisco that bi-partisan is the way to go.

Republican Ann Rabbitt headed off a determined challenge from Monroe Councilman Gerard McQuade Jr. to win a fifth Assembly term representing parts of Rockland and Orange counties in the 98th Assembly District.

Democrat David Buchwald took the 93rd state Assembly District seat, deprving incumbent Republican
Robert Castelli of a second term. Two incumbents ran unchallenged: Republican Clifford Crouch in the 122nd and Democrat Kevin Cahill in the 103rd.

In the 106th, Didi Barrett, elected earlier this year to fill the remainder of former Assemblyman and now Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro’s seat - defeated Republican David Byrne to win a full
two-year term in Albany.

In the 109th  Patricia Fahy takes the retiring Jack McEneny's seat, beating Republican Ted Danz.

In the 110th, Bob Reilly's seat went to fellow Democrat Phil Steck in a heated contest against Jennifer Whalen.

In the 102nd, incumbent Republican Pete Lopez pushed back a spirited effort by former Albany Police
spokesman Jimmy Miller - Lopez says he believes his constituents to be an extension of his family, and his words crystallize the spirit all of the new legislators hope to bring to the Capitol.