NY's new laws honor Lucy, clamp down on dog fights

Jul 20, 2012

New York's newest laws pave the way to require New York City children to start their education at 5 years old, name a bridge for comedienne Lucille Ball, and prohibit the use "cat mills," ''breaking sticks" and "fighting pits" in animal fighting. WAMC's Dave Lucas has details...

The bills were passed by the Legislature this session and signed into law this week by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

They include a ban on the manufacturing, sale and possession of some grisly items used in the illegal trade of fighting by dogs and other animals usually for gambling. The items include a rotating "cat mill" in which a cat is held just out of reach of a running dog.

Another law names a bridge in Chautauqua County for film and TV actress Lucille Ball.

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