NYS Senator Urges Passage Of Bill To Restrict Standardized Testing

Nov 19, 2013

Credit en.wikipedia.org

A New York state senator says it is time to pass his legislation to restrict standardized testing for the youngest students.

Democratic State Senator Terry Gipson is calling on his senate colleagues to pass legislation restricting standardized testing in kindergarten through grade 2. In April, Gipson sponsored the Truth About Testing Act to eliminate such testing for non-diagnostic purposes in grades K-through-2. Democratic Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk is one of the co-sponsors. The legislation has passed the Assembly. Gipson says he applauds State Education Commissioner John King’s support of this measure. The Alliance for Quality Education, United Federation of Teachers and New York State United Teachers recently started a petition calling for a ban in New York on standardized testing in pre-K through 2nd grade. Gipson is looking at amending the legislation to include pre-K.