NYS Senator Wants To Protect Voters' Rights

May 1, 2013

A New York State senator is introducing legislation this afternoon concerning the protection of voters’ rights. She and other officials will talk about it this afternoon.

Democratic Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk will talk about her legislation to protect a New Yorker’s right to vote and have that vote counted. She says the legislation would codify decisions made by the Appellate Court in her own election in 2012.  She will be joined by other senators as well as county elections commissioners to discuss her measure to prevent affidavit ballots from being disqualified because of what she says are trivial technicalities. A poll worker from Ulster County whose vote was disqualified and ultimately reinstated by the Appellate Court will be on hand, as will Democratic Assemblymember Kevin Cahill, who is sponsoring Tkaczyk’s legislation in the Assembly. Tkaczyk narrowly defeated Republican George Amedore after protracted challenges and recounts.