NYS Utilities Prepare for Hurricane Sandy

Oct 26, 2012

Utility companies, emergency responders and support personnel across New York and New England are on heightened alert: their customer relations centers and websites are prepared, and materials are on hand or on the way to repair any damage that may be caused by Hurricane Sandy. In a series of three reports, you’ll hear how your area is preparing. We begin with Hudson Valley bureau chief Dave Lucas…

People all along the eastern seaboard and areas inland who may be in the path of the storm are being advised to take safety steps while keeping up to date on Sandy’s progress, updating family emergency plans, and preparing their household disaster kits.

Consolidated Edison's Bob McGee


Mike Donovan is a spokesman for Orange and Rockland Utilities, where they've been in "stormwatch mode" for the last two days

Orange & Rockland

Ulster County Executive Mike Hein is out in the field today - via cell phone he outlined his concerns


Central Hudson officials say they are ready to spring into action in response to the storm.


The American Red Cross is preparing to mobilize staff and supplies ahead of Hurricane Sandy's arrival - Darryl Lafferty is Executive Director of the mid-Hudson Valley Chapter


Jim Salmon is Manager of Outreach and development with NYSEG - like his colleagues, he is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst


Greene County was one of the hardest hit during last year's twin storms Irene and Lee - there was concern at the time about the stability of the Gilboa Dam - Assemblyman Pete Lopez, Congressmen Chris Gibson, Paul Tonko and other officials are calling for New York City and the New York Power Authority to release of water from the dam.

Across the Capital Region, National Grid spokesman Patrick Stella says the utility is in full stormwatch mode:


All of power companies have readied their respective websites and may will employ social media such as facebook, twitter and text messaging to keep customers informed of warnings and outages.