Obama 'Insiders' Share Stories

Oct 4, 2013

The federal government is in the fourth day of a shutdown that makes President Obama’s 2008 campaign promise of post-partisanship and a new era of government efficiency sound almost quaint. Three former members of the president’s inner circle were in Albany last weekend for The University at Albany Student Association's  "World Within Reach" speaker series.

Former senior adviser David Axelrod, campaign strategist David Plouffe, and speechwriter Jon Favreau assisted and advised Obama, crafting his campaign as he rose from freshman Senator to presidential candidate and beyond. Axelrod said the leap from being Obama's friend and colleague to senior advisor to the president was a great one.

Favreau recalls back in the early days of chasing the Democratic nomination, Team Obama was more about hope; that "change" came later.

Plouffe, his days as campaign manager behind him, still offers insight when called upon.

Favreau emphasizes nothing is written in stone when it comes to Washinton politics.

The UAlbany event marked the first speaking engagement where all three appeared onstage together.