#Occupy Albany Protester Ends Curfew Challenge

Albany, NY – The Protester who came to symbolize the Occupy Albany movement has concluded his nightly challenge to the 11pm curfew law in Lafayette Park. WAMC's Dave Lucas reports.

Bradley Russell led an independent action to violate the state curfew by remaining in the park after hours - he and his supporters were repeatedly arrested on trespass charges - the 39-year old anthropologist believes his fight for freedom of speech was bolstered when Albany County District Attorney David Soares refused to prosecute more than 100 cases: Russell notes The First Amendment guarantees the rights of free speech, free assembly and freedom of the press (which he says Governor Andrew Cuomo abridged by threatening reporters in Lafayette park covering the event and subsequent police actions with arrest).

Russell says Occupy Albany is hunkering down for the long term, and the group has donations which will likely sustain the tent city for the foreseeable future.