Occupy Albany Protesters Demonstrate Inside NYS Capitol

Albany, NY – Around 75 protesters from the Occupy movement chanted and demonstrated inside the State Capitol Thursday, demanding that Governor Cuomo agree to extend an income tax surcharge on millionaires. Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports...

The protesters, chanting "We are the 99%, he is governor 1%," complained of everything from government spending on wars to a slumped housing market. They took turns speaking in Governor Cuomo's reception room, while around a dozen state troopers looked on.

Sharmin Hossain, a student at SUNY Albany, says she's concerned about excessive student debt, and angry at the banks.

"Let's take our money out of the banks and put it into credit unions," Hossain said, to cheers.

The demonstrators were largely peaceful and did not attempt to block entrances or get arrested. They left after about half an hour, saying the protest was only the start of more to come.

"We'll be back," they chanted.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.