Occupy Albany Welcomes Occupy Wall Steet

Albany, NY – Occupy Albany welcomed a busload of Occupy Wall Street protestors Friday ... WAMC's Dave Lucas reports Albany is the fourth stop on their 5-week long, network-building trip that will stop in 16 Northeastern cities including Boston, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Newark.

They've dubbed it the "Occutrip" bus ride - a handful of die-hard Occupy New Yorkers touring 16 cities - they arrived in Albany this afternoon aboard a dilapidated old school bus - disembarked in Washington Park and walked across Madison Avenue to the New Occupy Albany winter storefront headquarters at 472 Madison Avenue - where they were warmly greeted by Albany Occupiers.

Although small in number, the Occupy Wall Street members took turns at the mic - first up "Larry" - who explained the group is looking forward to Spring when it can re-focus on its main objective: "Occupation" - the group is also supporting a February 3rd nationwide protest calling for repeal of The National Defense Authorization Act of 2011. Next speaker was identified as "Fong" - In an staged burst of "street theatre" "Fong" was interrupted and hauled off by Men in black suits and sunglasses, to demonstrate the erosion of liberties as perceived by the Occupy Movement. Bradley Russel, who challenged the state curfew in the park adjoining the Occupy Albany camp, says Americans should be worried about the NDAA

By building relationships between occupations, occupiers say they are setting the stage for nationally coordinated actions. Albany Occupier Justin Secor-Rubenstein portrayed a government agent in the skit - I asked him if there were any plans to "Occupy" nearby Washington Park come Spring - he nixed that idea, but didn't rule out occupations at other city parks.

The Occupy Wall Street members will be in town through Monday morning, participating in a series of events,from protests and workshops to dinners, artshows, presentations, discussions, dancing and direct actions.