The Opalka Gallery

Oct 8, 2015

  The Opalka Gallery, a contemporary art and design facility at The Sage Colleges’ Albany campus, presents a ground breaking exhibition, “From Concept to Console: The Art and Aesthetics of Video Game Design,” through December 13.

The Opalka Gallery, a 7,400-square-foot exhibit and event space at The Sage Colleges’ Albany campus focuses on modern and contemporary art and design from regional and nationally-recognized artists. The Opalka makes a significant contribution to the cultural life of the Capital Region through rotating exhibitions as well as lectures, film screenings, and other events.

This fall, the Opalka is proud to present “From Concept to Console: The Art and Aesthetics of Video Game Design.” This exhibit reveals the diverse artistic disciplines and influences that video game artists draw upon to transport players into alternate realities. By focusing on seven games from six different studios, the exhibit reflects the spirit of conceptual problem solving in a medium that in some ways is still in its infancy.

Among the show’s highlights are original, hand-painted character figures from “Skylanders: Swap Force” by Albany-based Vicarious Visions; hand-built models used in the Swedish point-and-click adventure “The Dream Machine;” and concept art from indie games like the Gustave Klimt-inspired “Transistor” by Supergiant Games and Giant Sparrow’s “The Unfinished Swan,” a minimalist adventure with an unusual game mechanic.

In conjunction with the exhibit is a full schedule of free films, lectures, panel discussions and other events. For more information, visit or call 518-292-7742.