Paul Elisha: A Thumb In The Eye

Nov 19, 2013

Scientists tell us that the thumb is the most significant anatomical item in the history of human development… but this commentator takes issue.  Lacking the capacity for analysis and interpretation, humans would have inherited a useless anatomical advantage.

The growing list of problems, besetting Americans of every socio-economic status and stripe, is graphic evidence of their inability to identify the source and size of their bedevilment.  Thus, they are at a loss of what and how to address and defeat, in any ameliorative effort.

While it is natural for sufferers to turn to officials and legislative representatives, when faced with difficulties larger than their combined capacity for response and/or resource, inability to identify and describe its nature provides a natural alibi for even the most outspoken public official, to circumvent their sought answer.

As stated at the outset, the capacity to identify and analyze far outweighs the adaptable thumb, regardless of size and shape.  Thus, the thumb and its demonstrative neighborly forefinger are probably what citizens should expect, when difficulty drives them to contact a public official for assistance.  Which, as this observer recalls, a wise onlooker once exclaimed…..  is still better than a thumb in the eye.

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