Paul Elisha: The Unaffordable Loss

Apr 30, 2013

Two days ago, this ninety-year-old and extremely unhappy American combat veteran discovered the one irreplaceable loss, he and thousands of fellow sufferers tragically could not afford.  For me, the catalyst was a simple yet vitally necessary pair of shoes.  Having problem feet created my necessity.  Creating the shoes is the proud tradition of the SAS Shoe Makers, of San Antonio, Texas.  Actually, they were organized on the Siesta Valley Ranch, outside of San Antonio, inspired by a time when pride in craftsmanship was the vital asset that fuelled the human condition.  That craftsmanship (and women, too) was the fuel of honest labor…the human asset that produced the fabric that we now define as ‘CIVILIZATION’:  The source of all we have achieved.  It aspired and grew out of human need as it must again, if our humanity is to survive and thrive.

What we have yet to acknowledge is its source.  All the raw materials, now existent or yet to be, are and will be useless, without the force of human creative imagination, to give them life and meaning.  That meaning arose from human need.  It will again---  as it did once---  and must now.  To do so, it will depend upon the absolute power of human capability and human cooperation.  Anything else or less, as we should by now have learned--- or may yet have to learn again, is useless.

For the sake of our future generations… and theirs’… and for whatever reason…  let us decide--- :  ‘NOT!’

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