Pillmeier Advances Plans For Renovating Orange County Government Center

Dec 5, 2013

Credit en.wikipedia.org

GOSHEN – Orange County Legislature Chairman Michael Pillmeier is hoping to have his colleagues select a conceptual design to redevelop the County Government Center in Goshen before the end of the month.  That is when several lawmakers including himself will retire from office.

There are two conceptual designs on the table and he is bringing them before two oversight committees next Monday.

“I am hopeful and optimistic that one of the two proposed renovation concepts will be voted on and get out of committee to go to the floor and I have already set it up to have a special legislative meeting on December 12 to then have a formal vote by the full legislature on what comes out of committee,” Pillmeier said.

The combination renovations and new building alternatives range in cost between $63 million and $67 million.

Six other county buildings also have remodeling plans on the table. Pillmeier wants lawmakers to decide the future of the government center before they know what direction in which to take the other efforts.