Police Have Not Linked the Burglary to the Gun Map

Jan 14, 2013

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — A suburban New York City home that was listed on a published map of pistol-permit owners in two Hudson Valley counties has been burglarized. But police say there's no direct evidence that the map led to the crime.

In Westchester County, White Plains police Commissioner David Chong said Monday that the burglar or burglars tampered with the homeowner's gun safe, but did not get into it, and stole only jewelry. He said no arrests had been made by midday Monday in Saturday's break-in. He said police expect to learn more about any connection to the gun map once an arrest is made.

The Journal News published last month on its website a clickable map identifying Westchester and Rockland county residents with handgun permits. That triggered a debate over whether such information put those residents at risk. The newspaper and some staffers have since received threats.

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