Police Say Take It Slow With Conn. Drone Proposal

Feb 24, 2014

An example of a Quadcopter unmanned aerial vehicle
Credit wikipedia.org

Connecticut police are urging state lawmakers not to rush into regulating high-tech unmanned aircraft known as drones. A proposed bill before the General Assembly's Public Safety Committee would allow police to operate drones, but only for legitimate law enforcement purposes.Officers would have to get warrants, unless there's an emergency.

Cromwell Police Chief Anthony Salvatore, representing the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, suggested during a public hearing Monday that lawmakers create a task force to study the issue. He's not aware of any police departments using drones for law enforcement.

The state's Division of Criminal Justice also urged "extreme caution," saying technological advances are happening quickly.

The American Civil Liberties Union contends that now is the right time to regulate drones, which it claims are capable of unprecedented invasions of personal privacy.

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