Police Still Looking For Petra Muhammad

Jul 18, 2013

Credit newyorkstatemissingpersons.ning.com

HIGHLAND FALLS – Petra Muhammad hasn’t been seen or heard from since January 13, 2006 and Highland Falls Police are still actively investigating this cold case.

Until her disappearance, the native of Granada would talk to her husband’s aunt, Ruby Alexander, on a daily basis. That communication stopped back then and on February 2, 2006, Mrs. Alexander reported her niece missing.

Mrs. Muhammad’s husband, William, who has not cooperated with police all these years, moved to New Jersey with their son, Shareed Muhammad, who just turned 10 last week. Mohammad has maintained his wife moved back to New York or to Granada.

The detective handling the cold case, Anthony Kuhn, Sr., believes the missing woman is dead.

“We have her passport; we have her driver’s license”, Kuhn said.  “Checks of her Social Security numbers show no activity. Her cell phone showed no activity after the time she disappeared.  We have checked with Immigration. We have checked with the airports; there is no indication she has left the country.”

Kuhn noted the many times it was reported Muhammad told his wife he was going to kill her, and when police conducted a warrant search of their Highland Falls house, they found a doll with a noose around its neck sitting and all the photos in the phone had her face cut out of them.

The case is very much active to Kuhn.

“I actually keep a picture of her and her child on my wall so every time I look up at my desk, it still reminds me that she is missing,” he said.  “I believe somebody out there somewhere knows her whereabouts.”

Kuhn said the couple was in the midst of a divorce and that fellow students at Orange County Community College where Mrs. Muhammad attended, told them she had been threatened with death by her husband.

Anyone with information about Petra Muhammad is asked to call Highland Falls Police at 845-446-4911.