Political Action Committee Sends Absentee Ballot Mailings for Scott Brown

Oct 12, 2012

A political action committee backing Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is sending out a new mailing telling voters how to cast absentee ballots in Massachusetts.

The group America 360 announced earlier this week that it was ramping up its efforts on behalf of Brown, who is facing a challenge from Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren.

The mailing, which includes forms voters can use to request absentee ballots, calls Brown a "new independent voice" and says Warren is "hyper-partisan" and out of touch.

Massachusetts allows voters to use absentee ballots if they will be away from their home on Election Day, have a physical disability or can't vote at polls because of religious beliefs.

Voters can request an absentee ballot be mailed to them. Completed ballots must be received by election officials by the time polls close.

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