Poll Finds New Yorkers Hold Mixed Views about Health Care Act

Apr 11, 2012

A new poll finds New Yorkers have mixed feelings about President Obama’s health care reform act, with a plurality saying they’d like to see the Supreme Court declare parts of the law unconstitutional. 

Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports…

The Siena College survey finds that even in the predominately Democratic state,  one quarter would like to see the Supreme Court throw out the health care act that opponents call Obamacare. One quarter think it should be upheld, and 41% say parts of the new law should be declared unconstitutional, says Siena’s Steve Greenberg.

“There’s this real missing piece for the voters,” said Greenberg, who says voters may have become “confused” by all the spin about the health care act on both sides.  

The poll also finds that Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to be popular,  with 73% viewing him favorably, and the majority like the on time budget, and recent actions to expand the state’s DNA database. But a plurality of 46% say most don’t think that Cuomo has lived up to a promise to make government more transparent.

In Albany, I’m Karen DeWitt.