Poll Intensifies Cuomo - De Blasio Debate Over Pre-K Funding

Feb 12, 2014


A new poll finds that New Yorkers statewide favor Governor Cuomo’s plan to fund pre kindergarten over New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal.

The Quinnipiac poll finds that the majority of New Yorkers prefer Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to finance expanded pre-K through state funds, than favor  Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to tax the wealthy to get the money.

Governor Cuomo, who does not support the plan to tax the rich, says upstate cities don’t have enough wealthy to finance pre-K in their cities, and so using state funds is better.  

“A lot of cities don’t have that kind of economic base,” Cuomo said. “They don’t have those numbers of millionaires.”

Mayor de Blasio, who stood by his plan in a budget address, took issue with the premise of the poll’s question, saying it was the equivalent of asking “would you like a bowl of free candy?”

De Blasio says it is “progress” that the debate has now evolved from if there should be  pre-K is a good idea, to how  universal pre-kindergarten can happen.

Quinnipiac's Carroll said, in a statement,“Quinnipiac University always provides the complete wording of every question in its public opinion polls.  In more than 20 years, no one has challenged the fairness of a question.  Quinnipiac University stands behind its record of fairness and accuracy.”