Pollster Says DNC "Extremely Important" for Obama

Albany, NY – The Democratic National Convention is "extremely important" for Barack Obama to tighten his support among the base of Democratic voters, according to pollster John Zogby. The latest Zogby poll indicated Obama trailing McCain by five points nationally.

"[Obama] has been in a tailspin. He had a bad month," Zogby said.

Zogby said that Obama must use the convention as an opportunity to unite the Democratic Party.

Since 1968, Democrats have lost presidential races due to fractures within the party, according to Zogby.

"In 2008 Democrats feel they have to win. They've gone from euphoria to the sense that they would automatically win by not being Republican. What they've found is that the Republican Party is at parity with the Democrats, and that the Republicans are nominating a very tough John McCain," Zogby said.

"The Republican Party is fractured, but at this point in time, we see that McCain has gone a long way further toward consolidating his base than Obama has been able to do," Zogby added.