Pro-Environmental Groups Weigh In On Dredging

Nov 19, 2012

Pro-environmental groups watching the PCB clean-up of the Hudson River are suggesting a modest change
in 2013 cleanup plans. Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports.

GE Spokesman Mark Behan
Credit [WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas 05.05.09]

At the end of the third season of dredging PCB sediment out of the Hudson River, activists are
generally pleased with the results.

Manna Jo Greene is environmental director for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater (comments on dredging)

But as GE heads toward the next phase of clean-up, Greene cautions that there are PCBs existing
outside the footprint that has been delineated for dredging

The Canal Corporation did not return a call for comment.
Greene says PCBs covering some 137 acres outside the planned dredging area are "highly contaminated"

The environmentalists are asking for a "more rigorous cleanup" and are hoping to persuade General
Electric to agree to "a relatively minor amount of additional dredging".

GE Spokesman Mark Behan says the EPA approves, oversees and sets the criteria for the dredging.

Local officials say dredging has boosted the area economy and brought hundreds of jobs to Fort Edward.
The dredging project is said to be on track to be completed by fall 2016.