Programming Notes: June 2015

May 29, 2015

Summer is finally here! The sweet smell of lilacs is wafting through the neighborhoods, the cardinals and grackles are calling for their mates, and we are planning our vacations. Now, here’s the best part -- you can take us with you wherever you go! Technology is a grand thing… we’re no longer bound to having to lose our favorite station once we leave our homes. All you have to do is plug in your smart phones and bam! WAMC is right there with you.

It’s all about the app. That’s right, it’s as easy as going to your Google Play (Android users) or iPhone store and downloading the new and improved WAMC App. It’s that simple. This means you can listen to the WAMC stream and the WAMC HD2 stream live or choose your favorite program or show segment and play it on demand.

Now, we get tons of letters and e-mails from you about our programming. Some people are letting us know how much they enjoyed a segment, others write asking for more information, and some folks telling us what they don’t like. What I’d like you to do while you’re out and about this summer is let us know how you’re listening. Shoot me an e-mail (, and say “We’re in Honolulu, sipping mai tais on the beach listening to This American Life,’” or “I’m driving through Kentucky with The Roundtable as my company!”) Even if you’re not a smart phone App user, I still want to know how you’re listening. I’m still of the old school and listen on terrestrial, so I know as I’m driving down to Poughkeepsie to see my parents or to New Jersey to visit my sis, I know exactly where to change from 90.3 to 90.9 Kingston to 91.7 Middletown. When I go out to Cooperstown, I know I can depend on 97.3.

So, you may be asking, what’s the point of this? Well, I’d love to put up a map to show all the places our listeners are checking in from. That way you can see how many others are a part of the family, and the amazing reach that we have. Plus it’s a fun game to see how far we can go. We’ll put the link on our website, and you can look and see who’s checking in from where.

Ready? Set? Download those Apps, and go!