Protesters Greet Cuomo At Manhattan Re-Election Campaign Stop

Jan 16, 2014

Credit Mark Dunlea

Protesters greeted Governor Andrew Cuomo when he appeared at New York City's Harvard Club for a re-election campaign "conversation" Thursday.

About 100 demonstrators carried signs and recited chants, urging Cuomo to move to raise the state minimum wage and ban hydrofracking. Community activist Jo Ann Lum: "So we're out here to say, like, Cuomo, you messed up with the minimum wage bill that you passed. You gotta take steps immediately to make sure this is straightened out."

The Coalition for a Real Minimum Wage is at odds with the Governor's refusal to include tipped workers in his minimum-wage increase which took effect December 31. They say he has failed to convene a minimum-wage board to hike the minimum wage for tipped workers, despite being directed to do last spring in the law that provided a minimum wage hike to other workers.

The Coalition for a Real Minimum Wage is urging Gov. Cuomo to:

●Increase the minimum wage of tipped workers

●Enforce and strengthen the labor law regarding minimum wage

●Repeal his bill’s subsidies for corporations which pits younger against older workers

●Increase the minimum wage to at least $10 in the coming year (indexed to inflation)