Protestors Brave Cold To Call For Public Financing

Dec 13, 2013

The Moreland Commission recommended public financing of campaigns.
Credit Karen DeWitt

A small group of advocates demonstrated in favor of public campaign financing in Albany Friday, following a report by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission favoring the idea.

Several MoveOn and Occupy members braved a chill wind and snow to demonstrate outside the State Capitol  in favor of the state’s adopting a public small donor matching fund to finance political campaigns.  They shook cans of money as some cars honked. MoveOn’s Susan Weber says the change could end state politicians’ over dependence on large campaign donations, which has sometimes gotten them into trouble.

“We have such incredible corruption in New York state,” Weber said. “New York state is almost the corruption capital of the nation.”

While Governor Cuomo’s Moreland Act commission recommended that public financing of campaigns be adopted, it’s uncertain how strongly Governor Cuomo, a past supporter, will push for it in the New Year.  The demonstrators urge the governor to try.