Public Service Department Investigating Excessive Turbine Noise

Nov 8, 2012

Northeast Kingdom residents near a newly constructed wind-power project on Lowell Mountain have complained to the state about an extremely loud and continuous noise that occurred throughout the weekend.

The noise started early Saturday morning and continued through the weekend until late Sunday afternoon.  Some residents of the Albany, Vermont area say turbines from the Lowell Mountain project sounded like  jet engines or a tornado that would not stop. Don Nelson says he heard it as soon as he got up at 5:30 Saturday morning.

The Vermont Department of Public Service has received a letter from at least 33 people complaining about significant noise. Director for Public Advocacy Geoff Commons says the fundamental question is whether the owner of the project, Green Mountain Power, is complying with the noise conditions mandated in its certificate of public good.

Green Mountain Power Spokesperson Dottie Schnure says they received only one complaint, but they have ways to adjust the turbines to lessen the noise.

All of the turbines for the Lowell Wind Project have been assembled and will be connected to the electric grid by the end of the year. 15 of 21 turbines are generating electricity.