Rabbitt launches online petition to repeal new gun laws

Jan 31, 2013

Credit Flickr/Smarter's Photos

ALBANY – Assembly woman Annie Rabbitt has posted an online petition seeking to repeal the new state gun control laws.

Rabbitt, who has family members in law enforcement, said the governor’s budget proposes $36 million to create a database of lawful gun owners in New York. “I believe there are a lot better uses for $36 million in taxpayer funds,” she said.

“No one understands the ultimate implications of this new law because it was rushed through so quickly and it will be going to a higher court to see if it is unconstitutional for the people for the right to bear arms,” she said.

Among Rabbitt’s concerns about the law are that after March 16, police and peace officers carrying a weapon on school grounds would be subject to prosecution unless they have written permission from the school; they would be required to register their weapons; and would be limited to seven-round magazines in the same manner as civilians.