Reactions To 2014 Albany City Budget Proposal

Oct 11, 2013

Credit WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

Mayor Jerry Jennings' 2014 budget proposal for Albany has elicited reactions from other political figures in the city.

Jennings, nearing the end of his 20-year term, last week unveiled a 171-million dollar spending plan, reflecting a 2-point-4 million dollar reduction in operating expenses from last year's adoptive budget.

City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan, the Democratic candidate for mayor who is not a close ally of the incumbent, says Jennings drafted "a terrible budget."  Sheehan believes long-term budgeting would have put the city in a better position - she warns next year's budget may be a tough pill to swallow.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy, Conservative mayoral candidate Joe Sullivan, Republican candidate Jesse Calhoun and Green Party candidate Theresa Portelli have their own takes on the Jennings package.

Whatever the others say, Mayor Jennings stands firm when he says he is very comfortable with the 2014 proposed budget, the budget that will await the arrival of his successor at City Hall, whoever that may be, come January.