Regulators Cement Deal With LaFarge

Jul 31, 2013

A settlement has been reached between Lafarge Ravena and the state and federal governments that  extends by 18 months the deadline by which the company must build a new kiln with advanced air pollution controls.

In exchange for more time, the settlement with the EPA and DEC sets annual limits on allowable emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide by the Ravena plant that are at or below the limits contained in the original settlement.

The revised settlement also commits Lafarge to funding $1.5 million in projects to further reduce pollution emissions at the plant and in the surrounding communities.

The amended consent decree was filed with the court (U.S. Southern District of Illinois)  and can be accessed here. The separate agreement signed by Lafarge and the State can be accessed here. Further information about the original 2010 consent decree between EPA, New York and Lafarge can be accessed here.

A separate agreement between New York and LaFarge limits mercury emissions to levels 25 percent lower than the plant's current air pollution control permit.