Report Sparks Parade and Rally in Albany

Mar 5, 2013

New York State ranks fifth in the nation in the gap between rich and poor school districts based on spending per pupil. That's the finding in a new report prepared by school reform advocates who will put on a parade and a rally in Albany today.

The report from the Alliance for Quality Education says the gap between spending from the state's wealthiest to poorest school districts is 86-hundred dollars per pupil. That gap, and the corresponding lack of programs and course offerings leads to a graduation gap as well. With twin sons ready to enter pre-kindergarten this fall, Angelica Rivera of Western New York  says she can see what's in store.

They've cut a lot of these after-school programs, they've cut a lot of these art programs, things that I know that my kids will benefit from.

Rivera will be speaking this afternoon at a rally preceded by a parade featuring high school marching bands and concerned advocates calling for a restoration of funding cuts in the pending budget.