Republican AG Challenger Files Campaign Finance Complaint Over Democratic Primary

Nov 2, 2012

The Republican candidate in the race for Vermont Attorney General has filed a petition asking for a court review of the incumbent Democratic candidate’s interaction with a PAC and a campaign supporter.

Republican Jack McMullen filed his complaint based on advertisements broadcast during the Democratic primary campaign by the Committee for Justice and Freedom, an affiliate of the Democratic Attorneys’ General Association. The commercials, and a mailer, featured former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. Dean also endorsed Bill Sorrell, traveled across the state with Sorrell and worked on his behalf.  McMullen claims that because Dean campaigned in person with Sorrell and appeared in the ads there was improper coordination between the PAC and the Sorrell campaign.  Republican Jack McMullen.

Middlebury College Professor Emeritus of Political Science Eric Davis says McMullen’s complaints are not valid and he questions McMullen’s timing for filing his petition.

But McMullen says he had good reasons for the delay.
Incumbent Democrat Bill Sorrell says his campaign has done nothing wrong and scoffs at McMullen’s explanations regarding his petition.

A Chittenden Superior Court Judge set a hearing regarding McMullen’s petition on a possible violation of campaign finance law for November 8th,  two days after the election.