Republican Lawmakers Call for Departure of Mass. Sec. of Health and Human Services

Nov 29, 2012

Republicans in the state Legislature in Massachusetts are calling for the departure of JudyAnn Bigby, the state's health and human services secretary.

In a letter sent on Thursday to Gov. Deval Patrick, House Republicans cited "poor management" in the aftermath of two recent crises: The alleged tampering with drug tests at a former Department of Public Health lab, and a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis linked to a Framingham compounding pharmacy that was regulated by the state.

Minority leader Brad Jones said at a news conference on Thursday that the agency desperately needs new leadership.

The GOP called on Patrick to remove Bigby if she does resign.

A spokesman for the secretary said Bigby serves at the pleasure of the governor and will continue to take the necessary steps to restore public confidence in the agency.

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