Richard Goldstein Explores 1960s Survivor's Guilt In New Memoir

Nov 17, 2015

Richard Goldstein didn’t set out to be a literary pioneer — as a young man, he simply found himself drawn to Greenwich Village from his Bronx project where a new generation of young people was changing popular culture.

But the new youth movement required a passionate chronicler, and before long, fresh out of Columbia Journalism School, Goldstein became the first rock critic, catching on with the Village Voice. He was there at Monterey when Jimi Hendrix ignited his guitar and interviewed the Grateful Dead in their communal San Francisco house. He also famously panned Sgt. Pepper's on first listen.

The decade was not without its heartache and longing, which Goldstein explores as well in his new memoir, Another Little Piece of My Heart: My Life of Rock and Revolution in the 60s. Goldstein has written for virtually every major publication and has published several other books