Robert Ostertag - 50 opening days with the New York Mets

Making it through 50 of anything is quite an accomplishment. Going to 50 baseball games in a lifetime, for people not in the industry, is a feat likely held by a slight percentage of fans. Going to 50 opening days for a single team is an accomplishment shared by a chosen few, the fan elite.

Robert Ostertag, an attorney who lives and practices law in Poughkeepsie, New York, is among those super-fans. Last week he attended his 50th Mets opening day, an 11 to 2 win for the metropolitans over the San Diego Padres, and he was featured in a New York Times profile examining his devotion to the team.

WAMC's Patrick Donges caught up with Ostertag following the game to find out how he became one of the ‘Amazins’ most faithful devotees.