Rockwell's Portraits Of White House Hopefuls On Displayed For Presidents' Day

Feb 15, 2015

Norman Rockwell's portraits from left to right of Richard Nixon and Robert Kennedy.
Credit Jim Levulis / WAMC

Presidents’ Day is largely known for car and furniture sales and for some a day off from work or school. If you’re looking for something to do a timely exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum features portraits of people who once aspired to the White House.

After having painted portraits of five modern presidents starting with Dwight Eisenhower, Norman Rockwell was commissioned by Look magazine to capture the multiple faces of the 1968 presidential campaign. With both smiles and straight faces, Hubert Humphrey, Nelson Rockefeller, Eugene McCarthy, Richard Nixon and Robert Kennedy are displayed.  Stephanie Plunkett is the museum’s chief curator.

“It made the person seem more animated and more alive in his eyes,” Plunkett said. “So he was experimenting, I think, as an artist to try to make it more interesting for himself as well.”

From left to right, portraits of Eugene McCarthy, Nelson Rockefeller and Hubert Humphrey.
Credit Jim Levulis / WAMC

The museum is open on Presidents’ Day and has more events for school vacation week.