Roundtable conversation about Nostoi 4/10/06

Albany, NY – The Nostoi, which once told the homecoming stories of the Greek heroes from the war at Troy, is long lost. Of the original text's five books, only five complete lines have survived. Like the lives that it chronicled, the Nostoi is itself a casualty of time and its unpredictable turns. The truth is that most veterans' stories, whether of combat or of recovery, are either never told or not long remembered.

Cognizant of the turbulent times in which we live and convinced of the enduring relevance and healing force of ancient literature, Hampshire College, together with the Five Colleges, in special collaboration with the Veterans Education Project and the American Friends Service Committee, will offer in the spring of 2006 an extensive series of public lectures, exhibits, films, workshops, readings and seminars on the theme of Nostoi, homecomings from war, ancient and contemporary. Our aim in all of this is twofold: to promote public appreciation of the terrible realities of war, and to foster a climate and a community of understanding, support, and welcome for those who are returning and will return from war to our communities, schools, and homes in the Pioneer Valley and beyond.


- Robert Meagher: Professor of Humanities at Hampshire College and organizer of the Nostoi program.

- Dr. Jonathan Shay: psychiatrist and scholar who recently retired as the chairperson of Ethics, Leadership, and Personnel Policy in the Office of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff. He has worked with soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder for nearly two decades as a staff psychiatrist for the Boston VA Outpatient Clinic

- Jo Comerford: The coordinator of American Friends Service Committee's Western Massachusetts Program

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