Roundtable conversation on Domestic Adoption/Foster Care 2/2/06

Albany, NY – About two months ago, we produced a segment on overseas adoption, with a focus on adopting children from Africa.

This morning we shift that focus from adopting overseas to adopting children, epsecially older children, who are looking for homes right here in America.

We're joined by three experts:

- Tito Del Pilar: Noted speaker and nationally recognized presenter on foster care and adoption issues. He is the Associate Director and the Director of Training for Family Focus Adoption Services.

- Camille Hehn is the Coordinator of the Albany Program at Family Focus Adoption Services. She has been working with Family Focus for the past sixteen years and she adopted two boys through the organization when they were teenagers.

- Kathy Harrison is the author of the memoir Another Place At The Table and has been a foster parent to nearly one hundred children. In 1996 she and her husband were named "Massachusetts Foster Parents of the Year" and in 2002 they received the prestigious "Goldie Foster Award."

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