Sanders Joins New Climate Change Task Force

Jan 20, 2014

Senator Bernie Sanders

Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has joined 15 of his Senate colleagues in forming a new task force to highlight climate change.

Sanders says the first action by the Senate Climate Action Task Force will be to question why the issue hasn't gotten more attention on Sunday morning news programs.

He points to a study by the left-leaning media watchdog group Media Matters for America, which found that during 2012, the news shows devoted a total of 8 minutes to climate change.

Sanders also points to statements by some scientists that climate change is the greatest crisis facing the planet.  "What this effort is about is to demand that the United States Congress listen, and start acting in a way that will tell our kids and our grandchildren that we are concerned about their future."

Sanders also is a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee as well as the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

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